Tipton Cemetery Preservation Association, Inc
146 Mountain View Road
P.O. Box 7
Vonore, TN  37885-0007



John Butler Tipton

Louisiana Wear Tipton

             The Tipton Cemetery Preservation Association, Inc. is a nonprofit coporation organized under the provisions of,and pursuant to, the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act, compiled in chapters 51-68 of Title 48, Tennessee Code Annotated.  The purpose of the corporation is to maintain, preserve, improve, corrdinate, and promote the Tipton ancestral cemetery, location in Monroe County, Tennessee, and know as the John Butler Tipton Family Cemetery.  Membership is limited to those persons who are related by blood or marriage to John Butler Tipton.
            The cemetery is located in Rarity Bay Golf Community.  A plaque was donated by Michael Ross.  The dedication ceremony was held July 27, 2003 at 4:00p.m.  Dedication program:

Welcome and Introduction                             Jo Peterson

Special thanks

Invocation (Prayer)                                       Mara Harvey

Introduction of Tipton Descendants                Frances Wooldridge

History of the Tipton Cemetery                      Robert Cannon

Dedication  (Prayer)                                      Daniel Tipton

Song, Holy Ground                                        Jim Ray

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